My DIY camera/laptop bag

Maybe this is just because I'm a chick but has anyone else noticed that the camera/laptop bags out there don't leave alot to the imagination... Mostly all are black, backpack or sling, and everyone screams "STEAL ME OFF THIS ITTY BITTY GALS ARM- WHAT'S SHE GONNA DO ABOUT IT"

After searching online I got an idea (I didn't say it was original) & decided to make my own. Sort of.

I found a large purse at Kohls with dividers inside that felt durable and tough- the one I chose also happened to already have a laptop sleeve which made my project even easier. I even had durable upholstery fabric in the house leftover from my re-upholstering project a while back. So all I needed was some foam to pad and protect my gear and stitch witch to make assembly easier.

I probably tried 2 or three other designs including a cardboard box i was going to pad with foam but this one worked this best!

I had a hard time finding foam I was happy with- so much of it is low density foam... So I used the next best thing- craft foam (that stuff is super dense). I layered 3 pieces on top of one another, taped them together with gorilla tape, and slid them into my stitch witched pocket of fabric.

Then I folded it all in half and began sewing the ends and compartments together for my lenses and camera.

In the end I realized that the insert sort of looks like a shootsac, is nice and flexible, and is super padded. I am thinking about adding a top to this piece but that would make retrieval a bit harder.

It fit perfectly inside my purse (b/c I measured it like 10 times), is easily removable to any other bag I want, and I now have a bitchin, unique, totally me camera & laptop bag!!

**Sorry about the pic quality- these were taken with my cell phone**