Thanksgiving 2009: This year everything was perfect! It took some planning and cooking for 3 days before the big event but everything was timed perfect, wonderfully yummy, and looked the same! I have never really tried to take photos of food before so this was definetly a first. I read a 4 page article (for article click on post title "Cuisine") pre-photos from a cuisine photographer talking about lighting, perspective, camera angles, textures and backgrounds. This was also my first time using the Lighting adjustment tool in Adobe Elements as well as messing with background colors/perceptions. All in all I am quite happy with the photos for their ability to show the texture of the food, especially on the Turkey and Ham!!

LOCATION: My Kitchen
DATE/TIME: Nov. 26, 09 @ 4pm
SUBJECT: Cuisine, Thanksgiving


I went to Patricks Point State Park today for a hike. It was gorgeous! However, this wreaked havoc on my pictures because it was waayy to bright out for my lil'ol' point-&-shoot! So I had to try and mess around with the exposure of the photos as well as the settings in order to capture the waves breaking; and then had to mess with the exposure/light balance in Elements...


LOCATION: Patrick's Point State Park
DATE: Nov. 21, 2009 @ 1-3pm
SUBJECT: Landscape, Seascape

Couple Self Portrait

For my first experiment photo shoot I decided to get photos for my Christmas cards I have to send out soon. I did some Google-ing and really loved the style of many engagement photos so I began researching the style, composition, and content of engagement photos. So after looking through and reading about engagement photo styles here is my end result: I was really trying to experiment with perspective, reflections, my new tripod,  and my sweet doggie- which can be a challenge to photograph well because she's so squirmy!!

Location: Old Town Eureka
Date/Time: Nov. 14th 2009 @ 2-4pm