I went to Patricks Point State Park today for a hike. It was gorgeous! However, this wreaked havoc on my pictures because it was waayy to bright out for my lil'ol' point-&-shoot! So I had to try and mess around with the exposure of the photos as well as the settings in order to capture the waves breaking; and then had to mess with the exposure/light balance in Elements...


LOCATION: Patrick's Point State Park
DATE: Nov. 21, 2009 @ 1-3pm
SUBJECT: Landscape, Seascape


Anonymous said...

The water shots are great! Have you taken some with your new camera yet? Emily

BECKY said...

Thanks! These were taken with the old camera but all of the pics from 12/26 and on are with the new camera... I have been wanting to take it out to get some landscape shots but its kinda hard w/out the car. I am seriously cravin some beach!! :(

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