All HAIL Friday

I was napping on the couch friday afternoon snuggled up cozy between my man and my dog when I heard the thump thump of hail outside. I nestled in a little deeper and almost disregarded the noise until it got louder and louder and I realized it had been hailing for at least 10 min... I peeked out the window and saw bright beautiful sunshine beaming down on what looked like a healthy dusting of snow. So, me being the picture fanatic I am I decided I couldnt pass up the opportunity to photographic some fresh and thick hail around my yard. None of these pictures have been edited and I was mostly trying to work on capturing the shape of the hail and the resulting water melt, mostly working with the focus of my camera. I was very pleased with the results:

I really liked this picture- the clarity at the top of the image is superb and the blurry, unfocused parts of the picture seem to almost be in theme with the water dripping down the leaf....

I used alot of Selective focusing in these images!

yet another selective focus- the rocks at the bottom almost look like they are photographed through glass, slowly coming into focus around the edge of the water and leading your eye through the left of the photo to the top. I love the fluidity of the water in this image as well as the contrast between the fully in focus rocks and the blurry unfocused rocks at the bottom.... This is actually a tiny bed of rocks next to my driveway, only about 1/2 a foot wide... Would you ever have guessed looking at this image?

This image is almost fully in focus but the bottom inch or so of the image is just ever so slightly out of focus. I really liked the V the rocks made towards the top of the image and the small yellow leaf seemed to add a nice punch of color as well as scale. I also really like being able to see the ripples in the water as well as some of the dark shadows of the rocks.  I think this looks more like a river's edge than water draining out of my driveway! :)

LOCATION: My house
DATE/TIME: March 12, 2010 @ 3pm
SUBJECT:  hail, water, rocks, plants, focus, aperture, texture


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