Arts Arcata- September

We did it again & it was bigger & better than ever! Arts Arcata @ the DTA store that is...

First off, let me say that I was nervous for probably two days before the event. By the time everything got started I was so jacked up on adrenaline and serotonin from my anxious-ness that I was a hot mess all night!

We started the night off with DJ Psy-Fi (Miles) doin some dub step with Ethan scratching on the tables in the breaks, followed by a live & awesome performance from Never Die (Kyser-J & HiWay). Going on simultaneously was the Live Art Duel between Shiek and Wong- the theme the second time round seemed to be DTA/cartoons. We had a great turnout- even had ppl gathering outside on the sidewalk b/c we didn't have any room inside- and even sold quite a bit.

Of course, I am the 'official' picture taker for the store so I have been working on product placement in alot of my event pictures. Mostly just staying conscious of the items in the frame and background and trying to get a different perspective that might highlight the store, brand, or what have you. I think I'm getting good!

Had to get some action musical shots- of course with the DTA product placement!

I think this image will become a model for every event we have. Since we hung up these black logo boxes from the windows I have been utilizing them in my event photos as I can get a clear logo in the image and the whole store/crowd.

Not the best shot- not even a good shot really- but I had to take a pic of unurban samosas- this guy makes the samosas and delivers by bike- they are SOOO WONDERFUL! Keep an eye out for him in Arcata & at HSU...

Even more product placement- didn't mean to get so gun crazy but it's whats in stock until our holiday order arrives in the next month... 

This is one of my favorites- Triple product placement threat! Politicks shirt in the mirror (and yes, I planned it that way!) DTA on the right shirt down the side, DTA & guns on the paintings... Love it!

The finished product. Wong on the left with Foghorn Leghorn and Shiek on the right with Daffy Duck. My favorite and my personal winner is Wong- but maybe thats b/c I loved foghorn leghorn cartoons growing up!

Location: DTA store (1063 H St. Arcata, CA)
Date/Time: Friday, 9/10/10 from 6-9pm
Subject(s): art, people, crowd, music act, product placement
Notes: post processed in Iphoto


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