The benefits of RAW

The more I shoot RAW images the more I love them. That's all for today!

No really, RAW images are the creme brulee of images... Our last few days in GA we went over to a friends house to hang out and the guys ended up re-hashing old times with some flaming irish car bombs. Of course, I was enlisted to photograph this glorious event, all the while thinking "I'm not so sure this is a good idea..."

The kitchen was the only place irish car bombs could be had without catching the carpet on fire or burning his gorgeous hardwood floors. Problem with that was that the kitchen was really dark- on top of that once I did a few test shots (with the camera- not the car bombs!!) I realized that if I wanted to catch the fire coming off the glasses I would need to make the kitchen even darker. Was I worried? HELLS NO!! Why- because I was shooting RAW!!! I just set my shutter speed around 1/60 which made it low enough to just barely make out what would be in the image and set my camera for continuous shutter release.

Of course, the images were too dark to see much of anything in:

However I just opened each one in camera raw and edited them as a batch to lighten them up and keep the fire showing. I mostly tinkered with the exposure, fill light (which I normally try not to use because of the noise), brightness, and white balance. BIM BAM BOP- a few minutes later (okay, maybe like 20) I had the pictures I wanted from the beginning!

Location: Inside, very dark lighting
Subject(s): Irish Car Bombs, flame, people
Notes: shot in RAW, edited in Camera RAW & Photoshop


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