My #1 Must Have!!!

I recently ordered a lenspen from amazon and it arrived this past weekend. Up until I got this item I have been cleaning my lenses and such with a microfiber cloth- eeeek!!! It worked okay but i was starting to notice that it was just moving the dirt around the lens and creating tiny scratches- enter the lenspen!! 

This thing is AMAZING!!! It was only like $6 on (they have them at Swanlunds if you wanna go local but its around $20 there) and arrived within a week of placing the order. Looks fancy huh? Well, its not really but let me tell you how it works:

Step 1- that brush on the end is retractable into the barrel- simply push it out and wipe all your glass
Step 2- the other end is a microfiber covered suction cup (oooh yeah!!) after the brush clears the dirt use this in small circular motions to clean your smudges... 
Step 3- VOILA!! Clean, clear, and gorgeous lenses free of all dust, oils and particles!!

At only $6 this thing is a life (& lens) saver!!! 


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