Tutorial- Using Textures, Layer Masks, & Cropping

I was out on my lunch break the other day taking photos of textures to use in photoshop and in graphic design. I need to start working on a website for the store so the more textures and backgrounds I have to choose from the better!  Anywhoo.. I stopped at some blooming cherry trees for a few minutes. I took some cherry blossom photos last year but I wasn't too happy with ow they turned out so I was excited to give it another go... And pleased with the results of my 5 minutes...


It's My History Kit (came with my old ps elements disc) Olive Fleur De Lis

mildly edited- Strong SCurve & Contrast & Clarity...

cloned out the weird wrinkly raisin looking thing in the upper right of the blossom

green fleur de lis paper overlay (as a new layer on top) with low opacity

layer mask (use the paintbrush tool- black to hide, white to reveal) painted over the flowers to keep them clear of the overlay (feathered)

I wanted to try a few different crops to see what fit this image the best. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how subject matter relates to the crop selection so this was kind of a neat quick exercise to see how it played out...

4:3 Crop -- for Windows Screensavers

16:9 Crop, for HD Screens

1:1 Crop, Square Size

2:3 Crop, Traditional 4x6 Print

2.5:5 Crop, 5x10 Print

AND.... I am having a hard time choosing between the 16:9 HD crop and the 5x10 crop....

I need an external hard drive for all this STUFF!!!

Location: 7th & I -- Eureka, CA
Date/Time: April 14, 2011
Subject(s): Cherry Blossom


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