The Devil's Playground

Since the store has been open we keep hearing about this place behind Bayshore Mall called (dum dum dum) "THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND". Apparently this is where quite a few things happen:

1) where alot of the houseless people have set up their own group 'house'
2) where the good graf artists in this county put up their handiwork
3) where alot of the houseless people dump any and all trash (mattresses, food, needles, you name it, Devils Playground has it!)

So we HAD to go check it out. I couldn't believe that someplace like this was right down the street from me- I could walk there if I wanted to! Packed up the dog and the camera and less than 5 min later we are driving around the parking lot behind the mall looking for a trail.... POOF there it was!  A little hobo trail through the bushes to some forbidden location.... We walked through some bushes and trees and came out to quite a view:

My first reaction was "WHAT THE HELL- HOW DID WE NEVER SEE THIS BEFORE NOW!!! IT'S HUGE!!" Apparently this used to be a mill of some sort, according to local hearsay... We started walking around & finally found a way over the marshy creek over some old mattresses. 

And this was what we found inside the mill- this huge open space totally COVERED in graffiti... I especially love the Virgin Mary on the right and the Gas Mask guy on the left. How odd that they are on the same wall!

Then we saw these compartments off to the side of the larger open space... I am still working on product placement but this shot was a good one with the skulls & the RS Mean Streets Hoddie in the background....

The compartments I was talking about- we had to be careful where we stepped- underneath these walkways was nothing but trash & old scumy water...

And this is probably why ppl told us not to go beyond the "third compartment".... We could hear a few ppl behind the gate pushing buggies and doing God only knows what else... However, they made a pretty nice gate!

And this is the namesake- The Devils Playground....

It was lots of fun to explore this new place & I will definetly be going back for some RS/DTA photo shoot when we get some girls stuff in... Of course, with a man, a dog, a 4Runner, and some mace! =)

Location: Eureka, CA - behind bayshore mall
Date/Time: 8/15/10 @ 11am
Subject(s): urban decay, architecture, graffiti, trash
Notes: most of the images were taken with my polarizing filter on the lens as it was early morning and pretty bright out.


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