Humboldt County Fair

Whooo have I been busy! I finally made it to the fair this past weekend to see if I won any ribbons for my photography entries. Sadly, no ribbons for me this year =( but they did hang every one of my entries which is awesome considering they only have to hang 2!! So at least I am still moving in the right direction!

I was very surprised by the Judges picks this year. Last year I was able to locate tons of information on the Judges themselves which helped me tailor my entries to something more their 'style'. This year I couldn't even find out who the Judges were! Alot of the first and second place photos looked like snapshots to me, and there were quite a few photos that didn't place that I thought were better than the first place winner.

After my disappointment we went to check out the livestock and bird exhibits since we skipped those last year. I was really surprised at how large this part of the fair was & have decided that next year we will have to go for the judging....

This bird is absolutley crazy looking. I have no idea how he even flies with all those curly feathers... It was difficult to get an image of these birds without the bars from the cage getting in the way. But in the end I just changed my angle & voila! 

And this little chicken was so stunning- it looked as if someone had painted the edges of every single feather with black paint.... 

Then we took on the horse races for a few. We went up into the stands this year instead of bringing our own chairs & sitting next to the track. I was impressed by the view from the stands both of the track and the city. We bet on a few races & my picks won a whole $4 on my box trifecta bet.... YEAH! That paid for the beer I would have bought had we not snuck in a flask of good-ol Jack! =)

GET IT!!! Thats my horses- #5 & #4!! Pulling through for the win!

I had a great time at the fair this year but next year I am all about the rides & livestock shows!!! 

Location: Ferndale, CA Fairgrounds
Date/Time: 8/22/10 2-4pm
Subject(s): Fair, Carnivals, Racing, Exhibits, Animals


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