Creative Self-Portraits

I am thinking about trying out some self-portraits lately. I recently read an article about how practicing with self-portraits can help increase both your portrait knowledge and confidence so I figured I'd give it a go...

I just wanted to make a quick post with some creative and inspiring self-portraits to help get my juices goin!

- Multiple Exposure (showing a domestic action, showing pole positioning, self interacting with self, etc.)

/\ /\ Axisgrind has disabled their photo downloading so it's just a link - but it is an amazing photo!

- Reflections (mirrors, building glass, items that mean something special to me, opposite mirror personalities, etc.)

/\ /\ I used to have a really old pic of myself putting on makeup as well & I loved it! Unfortunately I think it was on my laptop which was stolen a few years back =( Time for a new one!!

- Get Dirty! (paint, dirt, smeared makeup, etc...)

- Light Painting (using x-mas lights, flaslights, glowsticks- shapes, words, and highlighting objects or body parts)

- Body Part focusing (specific parts only- legs, feet, eyes, hands, back)

- Favorite activites as props (books, photography, etc.)

Techniques/ Things to try not pictured: 
- Skin overlay (tattoos, textures, colors, cracking, peeling, words, etc.)
- Artsy Fartsy (partial nudes, selective coloring, natural light portrait)
- Diptych/Triptych
- Jumping/ Floating


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