It's Summatime!!!

"Well the summers here and the time is right -- for _________ (insert favorite summer activity here)"

Rock Stacks- Mad River by Becky Simmons

I had such a good time relaxing at the Mad River this past Sunday. It was a wonderful day for our first river trip of the year- a bit chilly for swimming but I really needed to beef up my base tan anyway. I love playing with the rocks at the river - there are so many & they are all so different- so I made a few rock stacks next to my inner tube (btw, much harder said then done thanks to all my ripples) - and proceeded to snap some right before the sun's glorious warmth left us behind the tree line... 

Edits: Strong S cuve; 8x10 crop; minor vibrance & clarity; layered with two images- hand aligned (one of back rocks in focus, other of front rocks in focus) with layer mask to reveal the in-focus points of the back image (the farthest rocks); The Pioneer Woman action seventies @ 60% opacity...


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