Hangin by the Bay

Since my car is out of service I have had alot of free time before work and during my lunch break. I decided to use this time to familiarize myself with the new camera, lenses, and filters. On this particular day I saw these seagulls by the Boardwalk while I was eating lunch. The birds eyes were locked on to the local fishing boats unloading at the dock, probably hoping for a few spilled fish. Anyway, I saw the birds and thought that it would be a good time to practice using repetition in my photo composition. I have never really tried to take photos of birds before so it was also a challenge for me to be patient with the moving, squaking, pooping mass!! I really love the way the pictures came out- they were edited very little in Picasa [mostly saturation, lighting levels, and contrast to make the colors really pop].

SUBJECT: Seagulls, Repetition
DATE/TIME: 12/30/09 @ noon
LOCATION: Humboldt Bay Boardwalk
NOTES: I used a polarizing filter on all the pictures because of the harsh noon light from the sun.


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