Today I planned on going to the Eureka christmas tree lighting to test out taking pictures at night with the christmas lights. However, it was freezing and dark before it even started and time was not on my side. So I did the next best thing, I set up my tripod at home by my tree and tested out a few shots playing with ISO, movement, lighting, and a few select photoshop tools (burn, dodge, saturation, levels, & layers). I took about 20 shots and picked my favorites, edited them, and then put them together in my first attempt at a photo- journalistic type collage...

-Left Top Pic- Desaturate, a touch of hue, saturation on ornament only
          I'm not sure what I think about this one- Scratch that, the more I look at it the more I dislike it but it was a good picture to practice object selection and color/b&w selections...

-Right Top Pic- Saturation, Lighting Levels, Sharpness, Highlighting edges, impressionist brush on ball
          I really like the way this pic turned out! It didnt take too long to edit it this way and I love the play of light that the edge highlighting created...

-Left Bottom Pic- Saturation, Lighting Levels, Sharpness, Blur
          I really like the glow given off by the lights both on the ball and the tree branches, The reflection of the light on the ball is wonderful. Oopsie- I forgot to turn the ball so that it would be facing the right way!

-Right Bottom Pic- Saturation, Lighting Levels, Hue
           I was playing around with movement and lights trying to create those perfect lines you see on pictures of highways at night with a long exposure.. So I varied my movements with the camera as I was pushing the shutter button (I tried moving it in a small circle, short line, long line, shaking side to side, and up and down) and found that the smallest movement is all that is needed- otherwise the ball is so out of focus and doubled that it just ends up looking like a blur... But I really liked the straight lines in this picture- it makes me think of a  falling Christmas tree- TIMBER! Would you know what this is a pic of if I didnt tell you?

      Burn tool: The Burn tool is used to darken areas of an image
      Dodge tool: Used to darken areas of an imag. The Dodge tool’s name comes from the traditional photographer’s method of reducing the amount of light made available when exposing the film.
      Saturation: A measure of the strength of colour in an image.
      ISO Settings: Industry norm for sensitivity of emulsion based film, with 100 ISO being not so sensitive (and the standard ISO used by most people) to 1600 ISO which is extremely sensitive to light. In a regular non-digital camera the ISO is the type of film used.

LOCATION: My house, by the Christmas Tree
DATE/TIME: Dec. 3, 09 @ 7pm
SUBJECT: Lighting, Movement, Darkness, ISO settings, Dodge & Burn Tools,Saturation, Layers


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