Today I went for a walk down to the PALCO Marsh between Costco and Bayshore Mall. I have been wanting to go down there for a while but didn't really get the chance until my car was out of commission due to Volkswagon sucking ass (BTW- 04 Passat owners- beware the ignition coils/heat shield/ fuel line seal/ seat heater/ and rear taillights). Took the new camera with me and was playing around with it for these water/ reflection shots. All images have been edited with iPhoto and Picasa, with the most work being done on the left and the least on the right top image. Mainly used exposure, temperature, definition, contrast, and saturation =5min. editing time per photo.

LOCATION: PALCO Marsh (Eureka, CA)
DATE/TIME: 12/27/09 @ 3-5pm
SUBJECT: water, plants, sky, reflections


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