R&R at Trinity Lake

My 23rd birthday was this past Friday so I packed up my man and pooch and headed up to Trinity Lake, about a 3 hour drive from Eureka, for some big time R&R and of course fun! We tried to 4WD it up a few forest service roads- trying to get to Boulder Lake Trailhead and Bonanza King Lookout- but had to turn around on both roads b/c of huge snow drifts too deep for the truck. Instead we went 4WD'in on the old Lake-bed and went out for a gorgeous Sunset Kayak cruise with the pooch in tow. I was surprised at how well she did on the kayak- she almost bailed a few times but ultimately stayed on the kayak and seemed to enjoy the ride! After the ride was over we packed up the kayak and had time for a few low light post-sunset pictures....

Creative Focus- We 4WD'd it through a huge path full of these- they were taller than the truck- followed by a overflowing creek...

Pooch Action Shots- the first photo is a little more in focus than the second photo, but I think the movement more than makes up for it!

Trinity Lake Sunset Vista

Trinity Lake Panoramic- taken from the overlook just before the Trinity Dam. We saw a pretty large wolf along the side of the road on the way to the dam, thankfully my dog didn't jump out the moving truck to go after him!

Last but not least, we stopped on the side of the road to let a state trooper pass us and got a great photo op! I am in love with the Trinity River and while I think this is an okay photo it still does not do the Trinity or my feelings about the River proper justice. I guess that means I am still on the hunt to take that perfect, quintessential Trinity River picture!

LOCATION: Trinity Lake, Dam, & River outside Weaverville, CA
DATE/TIME: 4/17/10 post-sunset, and 4/18/10 around noon
SUBJECT: Nature, Landscape, Water, Mountains, Doggie, 4Runner
NOTES: Only editing done on these pictures is cropping and adding the vignette finish


Holly said...

Nice shots of the lake! Usually it just looks like a big mud pit. Hha! Is that some ice on the surface? Looks like you guys picked a great time to go out there!

Rose said...

love these! love the pictures of sexy scarlett she always gets to paricipate in family fun :) what an awesome b-day adventure!!!

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