Photos Like Mine...

I have been so bored at work lately so I have been exploring Panoramio's forums. I was pleasantly surprised to find a forum thread dedicated to games and contests. There were some pretty interesting ones like:

-Parks around the world (new poster had to post an image with the first letter of park of last poster)
-Photos Like Mine (poster finds images around the site that are similar or the same to one of theirs)

I  posted in both forums, however  the 'Photos Like Mine' was really interesting and I wanted both a more permanent place to keep that info as well as be able to share it. So enter this blog posting! Below is my post on 'Photos Like Mine' on Panoramio:

Trinidad, CA Memorial Lighthouse
Pretty much the same, just taken a few years apart...

BY: LSessions

BY: Me 

Humboldt Bay, CA- South Spit/Table Bluff
same exact picture, knothome has the tip of a tree branch and mine has the whole tree...

BY: knothome

BY: Me 


Trinity/Shasta National Wilderness Area, CA- Echo Lake
Simply gorgeous photo's of one of the most beautiful lakes in the Trinity Alps...

BY: trinityalpsphoto

BY: trinityalpsphoto

BY: Me

Trinidad State Beach & City Panoramic
It's like night and day...

BY: rsyms

 BY: Me 


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