Tulip Hill

Driving from Sacramento to Eureka is quite the task. I was pretty bummed that I didn't have more time, there were soo many places I wanted to stop at take pictures of. But my honey did give in to one photo stop- I prepped him by talking about for about 2 hours before we got there so he HAD to give in! :) So we stopped at Tulip Hill Wine Tasting Room outside Clearlake, CA. We had passed the place the day before on our way to Sacramento but it was crowded beyond belief. Sunday seemed to be the day to have the place to yourself, there were only two people there! So here is my best shots out of around 20, give or take, all taken in about 20 min- Can you say super-speed-photographer?!

The obligatory entrance shot... This is only the beginning of many many many yes you guessed it- TULIPS!

I really like the dark purple fading into red contrasted with the bright yellow on this tulip. It is gorgeous the way the red looks like it is painted on the yellow- see those tiny almost brush stroke looking lines where the colors meet? 

This image is my desktop at work. I had never seen a pointy tulip before, but apparently they exist! I thought it would be hard points but they were nice and soft, just like a tulip should be. I love the general composition of this image. I took a few from some different angles and positioned the flower in different places, but this was by far my favorite. I really like the softness of the colors, and the soft focus on the background which contrasts beautifully with the harsh edges of the flower. 

These shots are only a tad bit different, and I'm not sure which I like better. The left images focus is on the background tulips, while the right images focus is on the foreground flower (Snapdragons maybe?).

One of the many gorgeous vine-covered walkways among the tulips. This place would be absolutely gorgeous for a wedding if it weren't for the long drive.  

LOCATION: Tulip Hill Winery & Tasting Room- Outside Clearlake, CA 
DATE/TIME: 3/28/10 @ 5pm 

SUBJECT: Nature, Flowers, Focus, Color
NOTES: Pictures have not been edited. 


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