Los Angeles

I just got back from a roadtrip to LA last weekend. I was really excited about being able to photograph in the big city. Most of what I take pics of are landscapes and things so I was pumped to try out city shooting! First thing I realized- City Shooting means ALOT of patience & luck (waiting for cars to clear the intersection, waiting for ppl to clear out, and MOSTLY having the camera ready to shoot at a seconds notice.) Patience is not my strong point, so it was good to have to take a minute and wait sometimes.

 Most of the images below were taken with little to no preparation (I changed my lenses maybe 4 times while I was there!), with the Nikon on Auto, Program, or No Flash Auto. 

This is the main entrance to Venice Beach- This brown gull dropped down into the puddle and apparently the white gull wasn't givin up his chillin spot! If I hadn't had my camera ready to go I would have missed this shot trying to get my camera ready....

Venice Beach Grafitti- I had to wait a while for this area to clear out as they were shooting a MTV show a few feet to the left of this object....

Pretty Flowers at Venice Beach- This shot was actually made tinkering with the Aperture setting, I wanted the closest flower nice and sharp and bright, with the others a little blurry...

Venice Beach Lifeguard Stand at Night- I really enjoyed this photo because I do not take alot of night photos and the lights pouring out the shops lightens up the darkness and adds alot of interest to what would have been a flat boring background...

Santa Monica Lifeguard Stands- This picture isn't the best- I wanted a picture of a row of the differently colored stands but there were a ton of people out and this image isn't really what I wanted. I will need to try that one again on the next LA trip!

Antique Santa Monica Pier- Picture taken with Polarizing Filter, then applied Color Boost and Antique effects in I-Photo. I like this photo alot, even though it has an old antique look it still has alot of color and sharp definition of the pier. I especially like the yellow hue on the water to the left reflecting off the yellow rides on the pier.

Ethan @ Santa Monica Pier- I like this portrait. Even though the background is fairly busy I think it is balanced out by the highly defined water and open sky at the top.

You talkin to me?- Seal at Santa Monica Pier, I had to wait a LONG time for this guy to look up at me.. workin on that patience!

Grauman's Chinese Theatre-  Side perspective of the door and plaque. I like this image alot.

HOLLYWOOD- view from the mall by the Chinese Theatre- it was pretty hazy out but not too bad for the first time try! I had to break out my superzoom lens for this one!

Elvis in Sepia- Originally taken in color with the Sepia added from in-camera effects....My first time using the in-camera editing tools, and I realized I need to be using them ALOT more! it drastically speeds up post-shoot editing.

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Venice Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica)
Date/Time: 5/7/10- 5/10/10
Subject(s): Landscapes, Cityscapes, Structures, Things
Notes: very little editing work done, mostly adjusting light, saturation, and definition in I-Photo...


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