Long Exposure- Golden Gate Bridge

I have been browsing my new favorite blog (Digital Photography School) and seen alot about long or bulb exposures for night images. The long exposure makes the image more dynamic & brings out alot of light & captures things that I possibly hadn't even seen, I have horrible night vision! I had never really tried taking night images before so I figured that long exposure would be the one thing I was going to try out this past weekend, since I was going to be in the city.

I stopped at the Vista Point just north of the Golden Gate around midnight, setup my tripod on top of the railing, set the shutter speed to bulb, and used my remote shutter trigger to start and end the exposure (this should have avoided any possible shaking or bumps and made the image really clear and sharp). I took around 8 photos but some were not even in focus, a downside to using the remote for the first time for long exposures).

I will have to shoot more Long Exposures. I was ecstatic with these two shots:

13 SEC. EXPOSURE- a little too bright for my liking however the detail in the stars is gorgeous!

10 SEC. EXPOSURE-  I think this one was my favorite. The clouds look gorgeous, the city lights are reflecting nicely of the water, and the bridge lights have a nice orb-ish look...

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date/Time: 5/10/10 midnight
Subject(s): Golden Gate Bridge, City
Notes: NO PROCESSING OR EDITING on these images


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