SPICE to inspire me....

Next Week's DPS Assignment is SPICE, left open to interpretation. I am coming up with a few ideas, mostly on the literal side, but figured I would look around the web for some SPICE photos to help inspire me for this project. Sorry about the quality on some of the images, they are from flickr and had to be saved as a thumbnail- for all the glorious detail click on the link below the image....

"Spice It Up" by Rebecca Tabor Armstrong
I really love the simple, clean composition in this photo as well as the staggered line created by the spoons. The spilt pieces add a nice realistic and slightly chaotic effect, which balances out the cleanness very well.

"magical spice" by These Days in French Life
I like that this photo focuses on the texture of the spice, leaving the pile on the table a blur, but the edge of the pot in sharp focus. The color is also spectacular. 

"Spice" by asylum_princess
I am in love with this photo! The sharp geometric lines in the pepper create a nice contrast for the green organically twisted pepper. I feel like this should be in a magazine with a headline that reads "Pepper is the new black..." lol. The color is also spectacular!

"Spice Love" by khadija-GinRazaPho
I really enjoyed the colors in this photo as well as the creative use of the spices to make a fun shape. What a wonderful close crop, also- I am having issues with the close crop myself! :)

Let's Brainstorm! 
1) Tilted spice jars with rows of spice on a reflective surface
2) Partial sexy body shot- has to be family friendly- going with the more abstract spice
3) the word 'Spice' written with different spices
4) Hot Sauce designs, maybe with a few peppers and/or seeds- hot sauce lines/splatters with bottles behind, with a low depth of field (ie- blurry bottles)
5) Live spice- twigs, leaves, etc. either in a designed shape or in preparation for a meal


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