DPS Weekly Assignment: Still Life

I have decided to start participating in Digital Photography School's Weekly Assignment series. My goal is to participate in at least two a month- I have been so busy with the store opening that four seems to be pushin it! I figured this would be a great way to expand my skills and would give me situations and topics that I would not normally even think about... 

The first assignment I am participating  in is STILL LIFE. Below is the description posted at Digital Photography School's Forums for this weeks assignment (May 5-19) STILL LIFE:

"This week: 'Still Life'. Still life photography is generally a small grouping of inanimate subjects. A classic in art, a Still Life gives you a lot of creative control over your subject. You have time to set it up in a pleasing composition and plan for lighting, two very important aspects of this type of photography. Learning to create a good still life can be useful by many different types of photographers. Wedding, stock, and food stylists all rely on the ability to compose this type of shot." - Saralonde

-next assignment: Fences- 

Photos entered that inspire me to take on such a daunting task:

Fork 'n Spoon- Explore  by pascalbovet

Still Life  by BrittneyLove

~Still in Love with a Classic~  by bubbly b {Nouvelle Vie ♥ Photography}


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