DPS Assignment: Fences

I finished up my DPS Weekly assignment early this week, due in part to the subject matter: FENCES. I had taken a picture of a neat colorful, rusty metal fence near work about half a year ago and immediately thought of that image for this assignment. However, the image I took did not fall into the two week window in which the entries have to be taken. So I set out to re-create the same image, only better of course! I took a few snaps of fences around Arcata on Sat. also but ended up entering the rusty one near work as I enjoyed the colors and textures created by the decaying metal.

Assignment Forum page with my entry:

The old Fence image taken in December 2009

No EXIF info available for this photo

Photos Taken for Assignment, but not used:
EXIF: Speed 1/13 ; F22 ; ISO 200 ; Focal Length 105mm ; EV +0.7
First Photo taken for this assignment, fence at work, nothing awe-inspiring about this one...

EXIF: Speed 1/50 ; F25 ; ISO 200 ; Focal Length 92mm ; EV +0.7
Fence in Arcata- I really liked the curly branch/vines coming off this fence but could have gotten a better pic if I had been more patient... yes, that thing I am working on....

EXIF: Speed 1/60 ; F4.5 ; ISO 500 ; Focal Length 30mm
Fence Peephole at the Shop in Arcata- looking through to our landlords backyard... I liked the texture of the fence but there weren't any blooming flowers on the other side of the hole, so I had nothing to frame in the opening... :(

EXIF: Speed 1/13 ; F22 ; ISO 200 ; Focal Length 18mm ; EV +0.3
Fence by Los Bagels in Arcata- I really liked the lavender jutting out of the opening in this fence, but this is nothing spectacular....

EXIF: Speed 1/50 ; F/25 ; ISO 200 ; Focal Length 92mm ; EV +2/3

Next week's Assignment: SPICE

Location: Corner of G & 6th in Eureka, CA
Date/Time: 5/21/10
Subject(s): Fences


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