Flowers After the Rain...

It was raining lightly most of the day today... It was so grey and boring looking outside- totally uninspiring photo weather! But my ride was a few minutes late picking me up so I figured I would give this raining weather situation a try thinking I could maybe get some decent raindrop photos... I took a total of 5 pictures:

This is a in-camera square crop of a much larger image... I liked the raindrops on the roses and the green and purple in the background.

Closeup of pretty purple flower- was trying to make the background flowers blend out to look less busy... Looks alot like this pic was taken in a field and not in a flowerbed outside a Dr's office! :)

I liked the bright yellow and green at the bottom of this image contrasted with the dark green throughout with the other purple flowers... 

Location: Eureka, CA
Date/Time: 5/17/10 @ 5pm
Subject(s): Flowers, nature, raindrops
Notes: no editing on images....


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